Oscar Bling

The 81st Annual Academy Awards were last night, and what a show it was. If you saw it, you noticed the jewelry on the Red Carpet. It was hard to miss. This year seemed to be all about making a statement with jewelry. So who made our jaws drop with their stunning or gawdy awful jewelry while strolling the the Red Carpet?

Let's start with someone who can do no wrong, Angeline Jolie. All I can saw is wow! First of all, she's classy and sophisticated in her black strapless Elie Saab gown, but she tops it off with emerald Lorraine Schwartz earrings and a matching cocktail ring. Your eyes went straight towards them, as they should have. Any emerald of this size, cut and design should steal the show.

Let's move on to Heidi Klum. Now, you would assume that she could do no wrong being the host of Fashion Runway. However, don't forget that a model of this caliber is also willing to take risks. Well, I'm afraid she lost this one. Her red Roland Mouret dress was a disaster and seemed to be pulling and stretching in all the wrong places. It just seemed like the fabric was wrapped, folded and pinned wherever it landed. On top of this, her excessive jewelry just added to the chaos. She should have put the earrings on and left without all those bracelets. In her defense, she was wearing and promoting a Diet Coke charm bracelet that she designed to benefit a charity.

OK, let's talk about something positive! Taraji Henson made her Red Carpet debut in a fantastic Roberto Cavalli strapless gown and some jaw dropping Fred Leighton jewels around her neck. Plus, did anyone notice her red clutch?What a fabulous nod to the event and to her overall statement. She either found an excellent stylist or she has impeccable taste.

On a controversial note, Amy Adams looked....good. I myself was torn. I though her dress was beautiful, and her necklace was amazing. But when I saw it all together, I just don't know. Perhaps she could have taken a tip from Angelina Jolie, make a statement with the dress -OR- the jewelry. I think if the dress were just red without the black lines, the necklace, or a version of the necklace might have worked. On a side note, I hated her choice of shoes - black, clunky, and it didn't tie in at all with her necklace choice. They remind me of Prom.

Whether fabulous or disastrous, those are my Red Carpet picks of the night as far as jewelry goes. Until next year.
You can view all your fashions favorites online at E! Fashion.

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Anonymous Liad said...

What a great commentary article and I agree about Angeline Jolie. You couldn't miss them

6:31 PM  

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