Jewelry Clasps

Jewelry clasps are often looked over when shopping for jewelry. But, there are many different types of clasps, from fancy decorative clasps to a simple ribbon or stringing material that ties into a bow. Some are part of the design while others are simply the fixture that keeps the piece of jewelry on your body. So, let's talk a little more about different clasps, as well as what to watch out for.

The claw
The most common type of clasp is the claw, which is a little hook with a spring that opens and closes to secure your necklace or bracelet. These are great, secure clasps, but watch out for the tiny ones, these can be hard to open and close if they are too tiny. These are also difficult to use on bracelets, you seem to keep chasing the bracelet around and around your arm.

Hook clasp
A simple hook clasp, usually handmade, are a nice and easy to use, especially with bracelets. All you have to is hook the loop without holding a clasp open. Once you hook it, you are golden - no pun intended. Make sure the hooks aren't too wide at the opening, or your jewelry might fall off. You can easily tighten your hook clasp by pinching in together once it's hooked together.

Toggle Clasp
A toggle clasp is a ring on one end and a swivel or bar on the other side. The bar is inserted into the ring sideways, then it's secured when the bar turns so the width is larger than the ring. Does that make sense, it's a bit tough to describe. They are also easy to use, and can be decorative enough to be in the front or the back of a necklace. Some necklaces are even designed around the toggle clasp, if they are elaborate enough.

Magnetic clasps
These are great for lightweight jewelry and non strung jewelry. Why? Well, while they are very convenient and easy to use, they don't latch properly, or at all. So if you are wearing a beaded bracelet and it gets caught on your seat belt, or your sweater, or something else, then disaster can strike. Best case scenario, your bracelet falls off and you see it and put it back on. Worst case scenario, the bracelet falls to the ground and beads go everywhere! I'm not trying to say that magnetic clasps are a mistake, I'm simply saying you should carefully decide which jewelry you wear with a magnetic clasp.

I haven't even begun to cover the different types and designs for clasps...this article would be too long and I don't want to bore you. Let's face it, this isn't the most exciting topic in this blog. But, it is something to think about when buying jewelry or making jewelry. Make sure your clasp is secure and easy to use. Just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it's practical. Try on your jewelry yourself. Many jewelry shops will put it on for you, but you wont get a sense of how easy it is to put on and take off yourself. But don't over analyze, if you love that unique handcrafted bracelet with your favorite gemstones or pearls, you can always have your husband or friends help you put it on. It's not the end of the world, we do have to make some sacrifices for beautiful jewelry.

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This site is so informative, I have learned a lot to help me in my jewelry making. I'm just new to this creative outlet and am still in the learning process, thx so much.



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