Matchy Matchy

What kind of fashionista are you? Do you like to wear matching jewelry sets? Do you match your shoes to your handbag, or wear lipstick to match your shirt. Well, today's styles have become so eclectic in nature, that it seems you can do no wrong. Now, take that comment with a grain of salt because there are still fashion do's and fashion don'ts.

Lately, women are making statements with their oversized handbags, large earrings and bright shoes. Clothing seems to be centered around fabulous accessories.

Obviously, jewelry is one of those fabulous accessories. I admit it, I used to wear matching necklaces, bracelets and even earrings, but lately I've enjoyed wearing a more eclectic collection of jewelry and accessories, combining large gold earrings with my handcrafted bridge jewelry necklace, and topping it off with some bangles. Yes, technically they "match," but they aren't sold in a set.

So, it's the first day of summer. I challenge you to wear two pieces of jewelry that weren't bought in a set. Wear those silver hoops with your wooden cuff bracelet, or your gold bangles with some pearl earrings. It's liberating for the more conservative of fashionistas, and it will open up the possibilities that you never knew you had in your jewelry box.

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Anonymous Haily Leung said...

Jewelries need not to come always in a set. I love wearing only one piece eye-catching jewelries, necklaces or bracelets with big and colorful stones. Sometimes, natural materials like coral, wood or crystal could light up your total look and make you feel refreshing.

9:45 AM  

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