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Can I wear my jewelry at the beach?
Ok, admit it, when you head to the beach you want to look good. And what better than to top off your designer beach-going outfit with some well suited jewelry? Well, what is better is to keep your expensive quality jewelry at home.

By wearing your jewelry to the beach, you are exposing it to salt water. This can slowly erode the finish and polish of your gemstones and cause damage to your precious metals. Plus, sand can scratch your jewelry and get into the inner details of the intricate jewelry facets, which is very difficult to remove.

Most of the time, the beach comes with a high level of humidity, which is the cause of tarnish. Although your jewelry may not tarnish after one visit to the beach, the most humidity it's exposed to, the faster it will tarnish. You are simply speeding up the process.

Plus, if you leave your jewelry with your belongings and go for a swim, you are leaving your jewelry vulnerable to theft.

Can I wear my jewelry to the pool?
There's no sand and no salt water, so what's the problem? Well, you shouldn't wear your jewelry into a swimming pool because the chlorine can also cause damage to your jewelry. It can discolor your setting and erode the finish and polish of your gemstones.

What about sunlight, can this cause damage to my jewelry?

It's rare, very few colored gemstones will be damaged by the sunlight, but it can happen. For example, Kunzite may fade when exposed to sunlight or in a tanning booth.

Other tips and warnings

In general, jewelry should not be exposed to salt water, chlorine, bleach, detergents or other household or harsh chemicals.

You should always clean your jewelry, as it is exposed to lotions, makeup and natural oils from the skin every day. Over time this can cause your jewelry to tarnish or become discolored. Plus, cleaning them will keep them shiny and beautiful. Always use a soft jewelry cloth or a soft brush when cleaning your jewelry. Never use anything abrasive such as toothpaste for polishing.

Ask your jeweler what the best way is to clean your specific type of jewelry or gemstones, as it can vary. Water and a mild soap can be used for most jewelry care needs. However, this should NOT be used with amber, coral, emerald, jade, kunzite, lapis lazuli, pearl, opal or turquoise. So do your research.

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