Simple Chain Link Necklace

handmade necklace with handmade glass beadsKincaidesigns Photo: Chain Link Necklace with Peach Handmade Glass Beads, Peach Pearls, Swarovski Crystals and 14kt Gold Fill. Price $136.00, Buy Now. (This is not an "add to cart" button, it will redirect you to the products page at www.kincaidesigns.com)

Simple Chain Link Necklace

This handmade necklace design is without any bells and whistles (figuratively and literally). While these handmade necklace designs may vary in lengths and have up to two strands, there are no drops or pendants present. The simple handmade necklace designs work well with almost any neckline and may be worn to compliment other "chain link with drop (aka Y-Necklace)" or "chain link with pendant" necklaces, which will be described in the next article. Of course, they can also be worn alone, and they look magnificent.

All of the necklace designs use either sterling silver or 14kt gold fill wire and some also use matching chain in between the handmade glass beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls and semiprecious stones. All handmade necklaces are secured with a clasp. Depending on the intended length, some necklace may have an extension. These extensions are usually added to shorter necklaces, as it can be difficult to predict t
he neck size that necklace design will end up with. All extension are embellished with matching beads, bring the whole necklace design together as one.

At this time all of the double strand chain link necklaces are designed to be worn as two strands. What do I mean? New designs are coming to Kincaidesigns in "great lengths", which can be worn as the trendy long double strand necklace or a shorter triple strand necklace. The design is basically one long necklace, also known as the Opera Necklace (26-34 inches in length) or th
e Rope Necklace (longer than the Opera Necklace). This style may end up having a category of its own, however, at this time they will be with the chain link necklaces. Not only can they be worn as 2, 3 or even 4 strand necklaces, they can also be wrapped around your wrist as a multiple strand bracelet. Now THAT is versatility.

No matter which way you wear it, the chain link necklace is a must have in your jewelry box. Compliment other necklaces, wear it alone, wrap it around your wrist, or make up a fashion statement of your own.

To find your chain link necklace, visit the handmade jewelry boutique at www.kincaidesigns.com. You'll find a variety of chain link necklaces along with more great handmade necklace styles. Keep checking back so see what's new at the online jewelry boutique, or sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay better informed of new designs and special offers.

Double Strand Handmade Necklace with Handmade Glass BeadsKincaidesigns Photo: Double Strand Chain Link Necklace with Yellow and Clear Handmade Glass Beads, Pearls and 14kt Gold Fill. Price $110.00, Buy Now. (This is not an "add to cart" button, it will redirect you to the products page at www.kincaidesigns.com)

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