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We've discussed the Triple Strand Necklace and the Chain Link Necklace with a Drop. They have their names for the obvious reason, and the following necklaces also fell into their names. The necklace in todays post are great buys for gifts as well as yourself. Why? Well, they are on the cheaper end of the Kincaidesigns Handmade Jewelry Designs. They are affordable without compromising their materials.

Cluster Necklace, Dangle PendantsKincaidesigns Photo: Cluster Necklace Trio

Cluster Pendant Necklace

For a versatile and even more simple necklace choice, the cluster necklace is perfect. The cluster necklaces got there name from their obvious cluster of beads. These unique cluster pendants can be interchanged, if you want to buy three cluster pendants and only one chain, you have basically chosen 3 necklaces in 1. You can also wear other pendants from the Pendant Boutique at Kincaidesigns, simple string the pendant onto your chain and viola, you have yet another necklace. These necklace are the most simple and affordable jewelry for gifts in the Kincaidesigns Necklace Boutique.

Floating Necklace

The floating necklace got it's name because the beads (almost) look as if they are floating around the neckline. Unlike other necklace designs which have this same effect, we use a beadalon stringing material which isn't clear, or completely transparent. However, because of the necklace design, the beadalon gives a unique quality in design to the necklaces, weaving in and out of the glass beads. While the stringing material isn't completely transparent, it is much less noticeable than chain or a thick cord or leather, therefore the name "floating necklace" stuck. These are also very popular and affordable as gifts. We are aware that gift giving can be expensive, especially when giving multiple gifts at a time. These are great for bridesmaid gifts and they can be custom made to match your wedding colors.

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