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Handmade Necklace Styles at Kincaidesigns

There are many different styles of necklaces, and while there are universal names for these styles, many jewelry designers make up their own names for the handmade necklace styles in their boutique. At Kincaidesigns, we use some universal names and other names we just made up, or we think we made up. I don't mean we've named handmade necklaces like "Julie" or "Maria", I mean we made up names that described each style of necklace, such as "Chain Link Necklace with Drop" otherwise known as a Y-necklace. This may sound boring, or clinical, but we wanted to be as descriptive as possible for our customers. Not everyone knows what a Y-Necklace is, or a Lariat or Opera necklace. So we made up our own names.

This article series will help you understand the names of each necklace style at Kincaidesigns. When you shop for necklaces, they are divided into categories. This information will guide your through the necklace boutique at Kincaidesigns Handmade Jewelry.

Triple Strand Handmade Necklace

When you a
rrive in the Handmade Necklace Boutique at Kincaidesigns, your see the Triple Strand Necklaces right away. These are, well, necklaces with three strands. Self explanatory. Most of the three strand necklaces are "strung" (opposed to chain link) and are adorned with handmade glass beads, Swarovski Crystals, pearls, semiprecious stones, and more unique beads. They are a signature style which will give you an idea of the unique bead and jewelry designs you'll find at Kincaidesigns. Another type of triple strand necklace can also be categorized as a "chain link" necklace. These necklaces are constructed of sterling silver wire and chain instead of the beads being strung on a stringing material. All of the three strand necklaces are considered the most dramatic in the Kincaidesigns handmade jewelry collection and are guaranteed to have people asking where you found such a stunning piece of jewelry.

Kincaidesigns Handmade Triple Strand Necklace. (Photo by Kincaidesigns)

About this Handmade Triple Strand Necklace: This triple strand purple, lavender and black handmade necklace is sure to make heads turn. Embellished with handmade glass beads, Swarovski crystals, Amethyst Gemstones, and more, this unique handmade necklace is a trendy yet classic accessory that will serve as a keepsake for years to come. The sterling silver wire wrapped glass bead pendant ties this unique three strand handmade necklace together while adding interest as a focal point. Wear the necklace dressed up with your favorite black or lavender dress, or add a sparkle to your favorite jeans or weekend wear.

To shop for your own Handmade Triple Strand Necklace, visit www.kincaidesigns.com. You'll not only find these unique triple strand necklace, but you'll also find matching jewelry sets, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, seasonal jewelry, baby jewelry, bridal jewelry, handmade glass beads, handmade glass ornaments, wine charms, keychains and more! Shop for Handmade Jewelry!

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Anonymous balu said...

I saw this Triple Strand Handmade Necklace
is very BEAUTIFUL! I have some things I made with the Necklaces and supplies you gave me. I’ll send them to you so you can see. Love ya!

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