November Birthstones, Topaz, Yellow Citrine, Citring and Pearl

November Birthstones: Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Citrine and Pearl
In honor of the month of November I am writing about the modern, traditional and mystical birthstones. Citrine, being the modern birthstone, Topaz, being the traditional birthstone, and pearl, being the mystical birthstone. Kincaidesigns Handmade Jewelry is proud to use semiprecious stone such as topaz, citrine and peals in their unique handmade jewelry. Visit the Kincaidesigns Handmade Jewelry Shop for your own semiprecious stone embellished, handmade jewelry.

Most of the following information comes from the book "Rock and Gem" The Difinitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gems and Fossils put out by the Smithsonian Project Coordinators. For a great source of information, history and meanings of gemstone, I would suggest the book sourced from this information.

Citrine and Yellow Citrine Citrine is yellowish to brownish quartz and resembles yellow topaz. It is colored by hydrous oxide, and is found in the same hexagonal crystals as the other varieties of crystalline quartz. Natural citrine is much less common than amethyst or smokey quartz, both of which can be heat-treated to turn their color into that of citrine. Most citrine that is available today is the heat-treated amethyst. Gem-quality citrine is found on the Isle of Arran, Scotland; in the Ural Mountains of Russia; near Hyderabad, India; in Dauphine, France; in Minas Gerais, Brazil; in the Salamanca Province of Spain; and in North Carolina.

Topaz Topaz is one of the sources of the island Zebirget in the Red Sea. This island has had a few previous names, one of which was Topazios. The word Topaz is also thought to derive from "tapaz", the Sanskrit name for "fire." Many authorities believe that the stone called topaz today was unknown to the ancients and that the name topazos referred to olivine (peridot), which is known to be found on the island of Topazios (Zebirget) as well. Topaz is found in a wide range of colors, the sherry-yellow being particularly valuable and the pink topaz (natural pink topaz) being the most valuable and rare. The yellow topaz becomes pink on exposure to a moderate heat, and most pink topaz today is heat treated yellow topaz. Other colors of topaz include blue, which is sometime indistinguishable from aquamarine, brown topaz, and white (which has been mistaken for diamond.) Topaz was known as a cure for all ailments and it brought health. It used to be put in wine and used as a cure for asthma, insomnia, burns and hemorrhage. It was regarded at the stone of fruitfulness and faithfulness and it brought cheer to the wearer. It also gave its owner faith and charity and symbolized tru friendship, lasting love, intelligence and beauty.

Pearl Pearl is a concretion formed by a mollusk and cosisting of the same material as the mollusk's shell, which is the mineral aragonite (calcium carbonate). In addition to aragonite, the shell contains small amounts of conchiolin, a hornlike organic substance; together these are called nacre, or mother of pearl. The finest pearls are those produced by mollusks whose shells are lines with mother of pearl. These mollusks are limited to a certain species of saltwater oysters and freshwater clams. The mollusks body tissue is called the mantle, and when a foreign particle enters the mantle, the cells build up more or less concentric layers of pearl around it to protect the mantle. Irregular shaped pearls have grown in the muscular tissue and blister pearls (flat on one side) grow adjacent to the shell. Pearls are valued by their translucence, luster, surface color and shape. To read more about pearls, read my previous post "What is a Pearl?"

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