Why buy from an Online Jewelry Designer?

Unique Handmade Jewelry Boutique-Kincaidesigns Handmade JewelryWhy buy from an Online Jewelry Designer?

Why should you buy your jewelry from an online jewelry retailer instead of shopping at your local jewelry shop where you can touch,
feel, and try on the jewelry? You might think it's a no brainer, however, I would encourage you to give your online jewelry retailer a chance. You just might be pleasantly surprised at the unique jewelry designs and consistent high quality you'll find online, not to mention better pricing.

Handcrafted vs. Mass Produced

Most of the jewelry you'll find at your local fashion retailer has been mass produced and the jewelry you'll find from online jewelry designer is usually handcrafted. While some people don't appreciate the quality and value of a unique handmade piece of jewelry, other thrive on it. There are many reasons to shop online for handcrafted jewelry verses mass produced jewelry at your local fashion retailer. For example, when a jewelry product is mass produced, the biggest concern for the manufacturer is their bottom line. How much money will each piece cost them and low can they get their costs? This could mean the compromise of quality materials and assembly, which means you need to ask yourself if the metal is sterling silver or nickel, or, are the pearls on this necklace real? However, when a designer is constructing their jewelry designs by hand, they have complete control over each piece, it's quality and materials, and each piece is approved by the designer because it was crafted by their own hands. All the jewelry at www.kincaidesigns.com is handcrafted
by the artist, Holly Kincaid, and uses only quality materials and precious metals. To shop for your own unique handmade jewelry online visit www.kincaidesigns.com.

How does buying more expensive handcrafted jewelry online mean greater savings?

When you buy from your online jewelry designer you are paying for the jewelry and for a very small percentage of their overhead costs. An online jewelry designer doesn't have nearly as much overhead as your local fashion retailer. Your online jewelry retailer has to pay for their website store front, advertising fees and materials to make their jewelry. Most online jewelry retailers work from their home, so they are using their home utilities and they don't have to pay for studio space. It's true that as an online jewelry retailer grows, so does the need for more space, however, studio space vs. store front space is a huge difference in rent.

A local jewelry retailer with a store front has to pay rent for their location, which is usually the most expensive of their overhead costs, salaries for their employers, advertising costs, licensing fees, utilities, wholesale merchandise and much more. In addition to these overhead costs, the merchandise itself is passed through many hands b
efore it reaches the retailer. The manufacturer has sold their merchandise to a wholesaler, who then sells the merchandise to the retailer, who then displays the merchandise to sell to you, the customer. In many cases, the prices are doubled at each stage, starting from the manufacturer.

So, as for your savings...When you buy your jewelry from your online jewelry retailer, you are technically buying straight from the manufacturer, also known as the designer. You will find that materials and assembly aren't compromised and the amount of money you are paying for your jewelry is much closer to the actual cost of making the jewelry. Yes, your online jewelry retailer is making a profit because it is their business. However, they aren't selling their jewelry to anyone before it reaches you. You might be paying more for handcrafted jewelry, but you are paying for your handcrafted jewelry instead of price inflation, your local fashion retailer's rent and advertising costs on an add you never even saw. Therefore you are getting the quality of jewelry that you are paying for. In addition, since each piece is originally handcrafted, you are guaranteed a truly unique piece of jewelry that will serve as a keepsake for years to come. To shop for your own unique handcrafted jewelry, visit www.kincaidesigns.com.

Small Business vs. Big Business

Unique Handmade Jewelry Boutique-Kincaidesigns Handmade Jewelry Online StorfrontWhen you buy from a small online jewelry business you are going to receive the personal attention you deserve as a customer. In many cases you may hear directly from the designer when you place an order and you wont feel like a number in a huge array of orders. Unlike a large business or department store, a small online business can offer great customer service, which will result in a higher customer satisfaction. When you are buying unique handmade jewelry that will serve as a one-of-a-kind accessory in your collection, you want the personal attention that a small business can give you. In addition, you will probably find out about the designers background, or exactly how each piece of jewelry was made, which adds character and greater personal value to your purchase. Custom orders are a common service through online jewelry retailers. If they don't offer custom orders on their website, send them an email. You might be pleasantly surprised at what they can offer you. To see what www.kincaidesigns.com can offer, visit the Unique Handmade Jewelry website.

Online Shopping Tips

There isn't a better place to buy unique handmade jewelry than directly from the jewelry designer. You will find the quality and value you are looking for in addition to a truly unique piece of jewelry for your collection. Below are some tips for buying jewelry from your online jewelry retailer.

Check out their return policy: If you can't return the jewelry you might not want to order from them. Many return policies have restrictions, such as keeping all tags on the jewelry or returning the jewelry in the original packaging. These policies are to protect the designer from a customer purchasing the jewelry for one occasion and returning the jewelry once the occasion is over. This is an understandable return policy because most online retailers aren't loaning jewelry out, they are a business and they are selling their jewelry.

Have the designer insure your package. This may cost you more in shipping, but it's worth the extra to guarantee your package will arrive to you safely or it can be easily replaced. Simply request insurance in the comments or special instructions upon checkout. An additional cost may be added to your order for insurance, if you would like to be notified of the extra cost of insurance before your credit card is charge, note that in the comments or special instructions upon checkout as well.

• Never send your credit card information over email. Always use the online retailer checkout process and check for the security pad lock in your browser window when you check out. This ensures that your information is being sent over a secure server. This pad lock may only show up when you check out, it's not on all the pages of their website. This is fine, only the pages that you are entering your sensitive information is necessary. You can find out more information about Payment and Privacy Policies on most e-commerce websites. This information should be available to you. If you can't find it, request that information or shop elsewhere.

If there is a guarantee on their website, print it out. All return policies, warranties and guarantees are subject to change. If you print out the return policy, warranties and guarantees when you make your purchase, the online retailer should honor those documented policies.

• Remember, if you have any questions about anything on an e-commerce website, you should be able to contact them easily. If you can't find a method of contact you probably shouldn't be dealing with them. Every reliable online retailer should allow their customers to contact them. Many online retailers don't want to receive phone calls because their phone would ring off the hook, but you should always be able to email the designer or an associate.

Kincaidesigns is a unique online jewelry boutique for handmade jewelry for bridal, formal and casual everyday wear. If you would like to shop for your own Unique Handmade Jewelry, visit www.kincaidesigns.com. All the jewelry at www.kincaidesigns.com is handmade using lampwork beads, handcrafted by the artist, Holly Kincaid, Swarovski Crystals, Semiprecious stones, pearls, sterling silver and gold fill materials. You'll find unique gifts for yourself and family and friends. Easy online ordering, gift certificates available, FREE shipping available.

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